Personal Tax Services

At Sangha Tone CPA’s we ensure you are taking advantage of all your personal tax credits, income & pension splitting and claiming any tax deductions available to you to minimize your tax position. We will assist you if CRA conducts a review or audit of your personal return as well as preparing tax return amendments.

For sole proprietors we provide tax planning to discuss opportunities to determine at which point you may be ready to incorporate.

Non-Resident Tax

As a non-resident of Canada, you pay tax on income you receive from sources in Canada. The tax you pay and whether you need to file a Canadian tax return depends on the type of income you receive.

Types of income can be:

  • Non-residents working in Canada
  • Non-residents owing and renting property in Canada
  • Receipt of Canadian income such as: dividends, pension payments, management fees, annuity payments, RRSP or RIF, etc.

At Sangha Tone CPA’s our team can guide you through the tax obligations and filing requirements required by the Canadian government, as this can be a complicated process.