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Corporate (Notice to Reader, Review, Audit)

As a business owner there are a number of tax compliance filings that are required by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start and understand what is required. At Sangha Tone CPA’s we are trained to provide that support to you to file your annual income tax return, GST return, payroll remittances and Tslip summaries (T4, T5, etc).

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Tax Planning and Research

At Sangha Tone CPA’s we have staff who have completed the In-depth tax course which is the most comprehensive, practical and relevant income tax training in Canada. With an ever changing tax environment we are serious about managing the tax complexities and helping our clients navigate their business through different stages.

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Estates and Trusts

Planning for your retirement is not something we all think of. However, this is an important piece of tax planning in your life. A successful business will soon begin to accumulate surpluses and you should determine what to do with the excess; invest in your business, buy investments, purchase a new business, expand your current […]

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Consulting and Advisory

Consulting and Advising At Sangha Tone CPA’s we provide a wide range of consulting and advising services such as: Benchmarking Strategic Business Planning Goal Seeking – Forecasting Cash Flow Analysis Succession Planning Systems implementation and Planning We would be happy to discuss with you any of these services with you. Reorganizations and Restructuring Reorganizing your […]

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Personal and Non-Resident Tax

Personal Tax Services At Sangha Tone CPA’s we ensure you are taking advantage of all your personal tax credits, income & pension splitting and claiming any tax deductions available to you to minimize your tax position. We will assist you if CRA conducts a review or audit of your personal return as well as preparing […]

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