Sumeet Sangha, CPA, CA

Our goal is to reinvent the experience of working with and within an accounting firm, making it more personable and the team more accessible.

I started Sangha Tone because I had the entrepreneurial itch. Eva and I took the leap to create the firm because we saw an opportunity to better serve small to medium sized businesses. We wanted to re-invent the experience of working with and within an accounting firm. By making it more personable and the team more accessible business owners have an opportunity to really understand how their numbers work for them.

From 9 to 5

My role at Sangha Tone is focused on business development, quarterbacking internal files and projects, and acting as a trusted advisor to our clients. I get the most enjoyment from working face-to-face with our clients and helping them understand their business better through the story of their numbers.

The team tells me that my biggest strength is that I am calm – I’m the even keel. Accounting can be a stressful part of business for most entrepreneurs. Usually when clients reach out to us it’s because they have a problem or need to make an urgent decision. When does anyone ever reach out to his or her accountant just to say hello, right?

My training as a CPA, CA allows me to be able to break things down, make the complex simple to help you understand what the numbers mean. By removing the emotion and uncertainty, and focusing on the facts, we can then work together to find a solution that is going to work for their individual needs.

When you need help beyond the accounting and we understand your business plan, I reach out to a trusted network which I have worked hard to develop and work collaboratively with. At the end of the day, I want you to understand the bigger picture of your business and bring it to its highest potential. Understanding the numbers should help you feel empowered to make better decisions for your business and in your life; and I’ll do whatever it takes to you get there.

Fun Facts

Family and friends are a big focus in my life and when not at the office. I enjoy spending quality time with them, but my free time always goes to my wife and kids first.

I enjoy golfing, good scotch and taking short trips, which often involve at least 18 holes wherever the destination.

People are often surprised to find out that I backpacked through China…
okay, well, we ‘hoteled’ around China, but I did have a backpack!

When To Call Me

I encourage you to call me directly when you’re planning or facing ‘big picture’ challenges or decisions in life or business. That could be tax, estate or business planning, company restructuring, or some significant hurdle you are facing in your business. Think of me as a trusted advisor that you can always reach out to for sound advice and support.