Sue Byhre

What I enjoy most about my role is that my day is ever changing and full of opportunities to assist my fellow team members in delivering the highest possible level of client service. I also love finding ways to make us more efficient through examining our processes; how we do what we do, and seeing where we can improve our day-to-day workflow and enhance our client’s experience. Processes are my thing!

From 9 to 5

The reason I joined Sangha Tone is that I could tell from the moment I walked into the office that it would be a great place to work. Everyone is happy to be here and working towards the same goal and I wanted to be a part of it! I had also previously worked with Karen, and I knew she was great to work with.
I work closely with Karen and Rhonda. We are the nucleus of Sangha Tone – staff come to us, clients come to us, partners come to us.

My job is to uphold our high standard of client service, by providing accurate and efficient administrative support to the team as needed. Most importantly, I assist clients with all requests for assistance and information. If I don’t have the answer, I will liaise with staff or partners to find it and ensure a seamless experience for the client. Our days are balanced with hard work and many laughs as well.

I work directly with the partners to keep them on track, managing filing deadlines and payment deadlines for clients, finalizing files for print, scheduling year end sign off meetings, accessing information from CRA, reviewing client letters, taking client calls, etc.

Fun Facts

I have recently taken up painting. This is something I never dreamed I could do, but my husband is a marine artist, and I am learning from him. So far, I have done a landscape water scene and am currently working on a sunrise from a photo.

I recently had the unusual honour of attending a reunion of former shipmates of a retired US Navy ship. Owing to the fact that my husband did a painting of the ship during a controversial event, we were invited as guests to unveil the painting, which was then donated to the ship’s society as a museum piece. We met men who had served on that ship and heard the incredible and moving stories of their experiences. It was extremely emotional and humbling for us, to see the effect this art has on them.

When To Call Me

I am a client resource and the first line of support. I liaise between the client and the partner to ensure a timely and effective response to all requests. You will get an answer faster from me than from a partner, as I am always at my desk ready to help! I will coordinate with a staff member or partner to ensure the answer is correct.