Shawleena Daviduk

I’ve always worked with people and enjoy doing so. I love interacting with clients and making their experience the best that I can. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time and I try to gain as much new knowledge as I can.

From 9 to 5

Coming here was a bit of a change for me, a new challenge that I was more than excited about. Being the first point of contact I pride myself in giving the clients a feel for the firm; friendly, helpful, courteous and respectful.

When it comes to getting tasks done, I always try to find the most efficient way. I love challenging myself and questioning the current methods, especially when you can leverage technology. We have monthly awards that celebrate our core values. Within my first month at Sangha Tone I won the “bee award”. It’s a cute little bee that symbolizes one of our core values “being the difference” – Listen, understand and be proactive in providing the advice clients need. We can be the difference between slow struggle and efficient success for our clients. I had been assigned a task for which a budget of two days was provided. After the end results were explained to me I sat at my desk and questioned the approach. I played with the client management software and came across a function that I thought would be more efficient. Before proceeding, I confirmed with my supervisor who was impressed I even questioned her approach!

Bing, bang, boom with the click of a couple of buttons the two day job was done in a matter of hours.

Fun Facts

The furthest I have travelled thus far has been to Saskatchewan, Alberta and Bellingham. Hopefully that changes one day! The foodie in me wants to taste her way through the world. What might be strange food here is normal somewhere else.

If I could have another career it would be fashion designer. I customized my grad dress by changing the smallest details and made it uniquely me. You can turn anything plain into something great. The sweater I made for our office ugly Christmas sweater party was also a hit!

As a continuous learner, I am currently teaching myself sign language. That’s in addition to already knowing Spanish and French.

When To Contact Me

I am at reception and your first point of contact. Often I can help access information and answer a quick question. I will take down the details of what you are looking for and ensure that your call goes to the right person.