Rezzonica Manuel

I love dealing with people and making sure they are treated fairly and are aware of the rules and their rights. I enjoy creating a good working environment. I am approachable and a “go-to” person at the office.

From 9 to 5

My day always changes.

I do look after recruitment, benefits, payroll, CPA student management, PD courses, and scheduling firm events like our Holiday party, Tax party, CFE passing celebration, and our recent trip to the pumpkin patch. Just check out our social media and you will see how much fun we have! Some say accounting people are boring, but it’s so not the case.

What I love about my day here at Sangha Tone is that I am trusted to do a good job. The working environment is open. The support system is strong and I trust everyone’s opinion. The opportunity for me progress my career is endless. I came here for the company’s values and the flexibility. I was enticed by Sangha Tone’s growth and the value I could provide hiring and creating opportunities.

I crave knowledge and am a “forever learner”. I listen to podcasts. You can be anything you want to be as long as you work hard for it. I love motivating myself and being inspired by people’s stories.

Fun Facts

I like running and my main goal is to do a marathon.

If I could have another career I would be a travel blogger; going to new places and experiencing the different cultures, live-style, architecture, and food.

When To Call Me

If you value a team based approach to client service and are someone that encourages learning in others, strives to push himself or herself to make a difference within the firm, and for clients, then please contact me. Even if we are not actively hiring for your level, we have an open hiring policy, as we like to build out our team with like-minded individuals. We are positioned for growth.