Larry Plume, CPA, CGA

It’s always my goal to provide an easy and comfortable experience for clients where they understand the information I’m sharing and they feel that they’re getting value.

One year after retiring, I found myself looking for a way to continue using my experience but in a part-time capacity. After a spontaneous, catch-up lunch with Sumeet & Eva, we discovered we had complimentary needs and I joined the Sangha Tone team. I’m continuously impressed with how progressive the firm is and how committed everyone is to putting out a good product.

From 9 to 5

I’m really passionate about the client experience. In my pre-retirement life was spent crafting my expertise at a large, international, corporate accounting firm. One of the many benefits of working in a smaller firm is that we can be very agile in getting stuff done, which leads to the ability for our clients to make decisions faster, and often easier. This has a powerful positive effect on a businesses’ bottom line.

I’ve been referred to as a “fine tuner”, which is a bit ironic because I love music. I’m very particular about the technical standards aspect of accounting, which often happens in the background of preparing a client file. You might not ever see that side of the work we do, but it ensures that the end product we deliver is high in quality and precise.

I have a big role in mentoring here at the firm. I really enjoy coaching our accounting students and helping them prepare to write their exams. I’m genuinely concerned with the needs of our team and our clients and enjoy contributing my years of knowledge to assist however I can.

Fun Facts

When I’m not at work, I can be found spending time with my family, travelling and relaxing in Palm Springs.

Something people are often surprised to find out about me is that I play guitar and am heavily influenced by classic rockers such as the Rolling Stones, Neil Young or Bob Dylan.

Although I missed it this year, you may find me rocking out at next year’s Desert Trip Festival in Palm Springs – think Coachella but with all the classic rockers, aka. ‘Oldchella’.

When To Call Me

If you require a review engagement or an audit engagement I’m your man. If you have a technical question that requires research I will delve into the tax act or hand book and give you an answer. I can help you determine if the item you are purchasing is an asset or expense and how it should be classified or presented on your financials in addition to determining how it is treated for tax purposes. Should you buy or lease the asset?