Karen Rowe

I’m all about the details. The smallest detail can make a huge difference, especially when it gives clients a more accurate understanding of what they need to do next. If I can help them bridge the knowledge gap, then I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Sumeet, Rhonda and I worked together previously, and they are awesome. So when I got the offer to work at Sangha Tone I jumped at the opportunity because I knew the rest of the team would be just as amazing to work with.

From 9 to 5

I’m all about quality. Delivering high quality written communications, and formatting is my passion. I know, that must sound boring and weird, but in all my years working in accounting firms, I’ve seen how clear communications and good formatting can make all the difference for peoples’ understanding and peace of mind. Where the rest of the Sangha Tone team is about precise financial statements, I’m about precise communications.

I’ve spent over 35 years working in both large and small accounting firms, which means there’s very little I haven’t seen in the industry. I am competent and confident that I can help deal with whatever situation you come across in a professional and efficient manner. And, when I don’t know the answer, I won’t leave you hanging – I will always follow through and get you the answers you need.

Fun Facts

In my free time I love spending time with our 6 grandchildren and our two dogs (we have a Rottweiler and Chow-Shepherd cross).

If you’re into classic cars, you might notice me cruising around town in one of our two classic cars – one of which is a 1993 Corvette Convertible.

Something people are often surprised to find out about me is that I did a mini triathlon when I was 49 years old. It was an awesome experience, one I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to challenge themselves.

When To Call Me

Formatting issues in a document bug me SO much – if you see a typo on any of our letters, I want you to call me personally. I will help you deal with bookkeeping questions, assist with tax returns or decoding a CRA letter.