Jesse Sangha

To know that I’ve been able to share my knowledge and teach someone something that helps them take the next step, is really rewarding.

I enjoy working at Sangha Tone because it’s an energetic firm where everyone is always eager to help. I appreciate that I get to engage directly with our clients and get to know them beyond their numbers.

From 9 to 5

In my role as Staff Accountant, it’s about way more than just preparing accurate financials and getting them signed off. I like to roll up my sleeves and dive deep into the numbers to gain full awareness of what’s going on in your business and understand what the numbers are telling us. Knowing the financials are accurate is one thing, but knowing how they all come together is the key to making the right decisions.

With a background in coaching athletes, I bring my passion for teaching and coaching to my everyday interactions in the firm. I’m always open to taking the time to walk through your statements with you. I get huge satisfaction from showing clients where the numbers are coming from, why they’re occurring and what those numbers mean in the bigger picture.

My colleagues tell me that they appreciate my ambition and that I’m a real go-getter. It’s true, I love to challenge myself. A current personal interest of mine is real estate, so I took that interest one step further and am pursuing my mortgage brokers license. I am hoping to bring that knowledge to the work I do with our clients and offer even more value.

Fun Facts

My number one passion is basketball. I’ve coached various junior athletes over the years including at the YMCA.

I’m also a big golfer and snowboarder.

Something people are often surprised to find out about me is that I know sign language, and have even taught it to my dog.

When To Call Me

I really enjoy analyzing the details, so our clients get the best tax advantages within the guidelines. If you’ve got an expense question and whether its deductible or not – I’m here to help. Also, feel free to give me a call if you have questions regarding classification issues, corporate work or GST issues, these are all areas I specialize in. I hope you’ll give me a call.