Inderpaul Tehara

With experience as a controller in a small firm, I understand what information you need in order to make decisions for your business. My goal is to provide you with accounting insights that save you time and money.

I joined the Sangha Tone team because it was a small firm that focuses on mentorship, continuous learning and the client experience.

From 9 to 5

I’m passionate about providing accurate analysis for clients. In business, something is always bound to come up sooner rather than later, so I always make sure I get ahead of things and take a pro-active approach on the client’s behalf. My goal is to provide you with peace of mind knowing that things have been looked at thoroughly, which means I will always listen to your needs first, analyze the information and provide you with a solution that gets you the best results.

In my previous life, I was controller of a small business, which gave me hands on experience within a business, which means I’m aware of the multitude of situations and opportunities that arise for business owners. I’m here to help you, if you want to better understand how to build efficiencies into your business.

I’ve often been praised for my ability to foresee what’s coming, plan actions and build timelines out in advance; taking into account where people often get stuck, where they can save time, and where things can take longer. You can count on me to always keep you updated so that you know where your books and filings are at.

My colleagues tell me that I’m a strong problem solver, reliable, but also very humorous and enthusiastic. Don’t get me wrong, I take my role very seriously, but know that sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the lighter side of things

Fun Facts

My friends and family call me Indy for short.

In my free time I love reading books (mostly biographies) and playing sports; basketball, soccer, football and baseball. I also play baseball and indoor soccer in a weekly league.

I just love Sunday mornings- watching NFL Football is one of my favourite things to do. Sunday TV just isn’t the same in the off-season.

When To Call Me

I really enjoy planning, analyzing and I’m known for providing accurate recommendations, which means … If you’ve got questions – I’m here to help find the answers. If you are one of our audit or review clients you’ll likely have me over to your office for a systems documentation walkthrough, an inventory count and to variance analysis.