Harpreet Brar, CPA

When I was younger, my dad took me to the accounting office. Something intrigued me – I can’t tell you exactly why – but it was from then on that I said, “I’m going to be an accountant.”

From 9 to 5

I’ve always been an organized and detailed person. I really like systems and that became more apparent during group work in university. I quickly figured out that putting a plan in place whenever we started a new project was how we would get ahead. All of this prepared me well for my future in this field and I attribute it to what makes me valuable in my role as a Staff Accountant.

I am very careful in my work to ensure that nothing is missed. This is an extremely important aspect for our clients as well as ourselves, especially when it comes to working on larger files that are collaborated on with multiple team members. I’m also known to go beyond what is required in the ‘behind the scenes’ work, making sure the file analysis is done, everything is clean and in order to ensure accuracy in our clients’ files.

Looking strategically at the big picture is how we help our clients succeed. It is one thing to put the numbers together and deliver an accurate statement. It’s another to analyze the data to know what’s behind the numbers and ensure that our clients fully understand it.

Fun Facts

Our family has a blueberry farming business – it’s hard work and the hours are long. I began working on the farm in grade one and I’m still involved in the family business. Farming can be a challenge but it has helped me develop my tenacity for digging in and getting the job done.

Basketball is my favourite sport. I’ve played since grade 5 and I still play today, currently with a neighbourhood league. The Cleveland Cavaliers are my team – I mean who doesn’t like LeBron James?! I admire the effort he puts in no matter if he’s up 20 points or down 20 points. He has a unique way of seeing the floor– it’s as if he can see the play happen or come together before it actually happens, anticipating the shot or the play. This gives him that advantage and it’s so much like what I do in my day job to help give our clients the advantage.

When To Call Me

If you need a problem analyzed, get ‘stuck’ with an accounting journal entry and someone to help you find the solution in the data, pick up the phone. I’ll be there.