Goki Sibia, BA

Running a business can be challenging and I can relate to owners’ challenges, but breaking down the facts and providing solutions is what I am here to help with . The tax team provides me with a creative outlet to plan and strategize best options for clients.

From 9 to 5

One of the reason I chose to work with Sangha Tone CPA’s was the minute I walked into the office for my interview; I wasn’t led into the boardroom but toured throughout the office. Instantly, I knew they were doing something different. The culture is open, collaborative and challenging.

During my studies at UBC, I spent two years learning clinical counseling skills and transcribing sessions during which you spend a lot of time analyzing individuals. This skill benefits me in understanding client needs.

My articling started with a large national firm and my concern was that I wouldn’t be as technically challenged coming to a small firm, but this was not the case! Within the first weeks I was working on very complex tax work and large corporate groups. I often have moments where I “nerd-out” over the experience that I am presented with. I love exploring my inner “geek” with the tax group which has reinforced my desire to complete the In-Depth tax program and become a tax specialist.

Fun Facts

What excites me about working in a CPA firm is the seasonality of the business. When we are busy I could be here all day; I love it! When we slow down it allows me to follow my passions and cross off bucket list travel destinations.

Some of my best memories are travelling to Thailand, India, Cuba, and Hawaii. One of the things I have learned travelling is to always conduct the “bed bug test”! You’d be surprised to hear where I was successful at finding some and alerted the hotel to have them change our room. My next few trips take me to Greece, Portugal and Spain.

When To Contact Me

If you are wondering if you are maximizing your deductions or missing out on any tax credits, call me to discuss and I’d love to learn more about your business to determine optimal tax savings.