Eva Tone, CPA, CA

Sumeet and I saw an opportunity to turn the traditional accounting model on its head, and, as a result, better support business owners by providing an increased level of service as trusted advisors.

Sumeet called when I was nine months pregnant on a hot September while I was sitting feet up with a bulging belly ready to embark on a maternity leave. To paraphrase the conversation, he said, “Let’s do this now. Let’s start our firm.” I was all in! We built Sangha Tone from scratch from the basement of our homes. I gave birth to my first child the same month we incorporated the firm. Some still tell me that I was crazy for starting this big journey right before my due date.

From 9 to 5

I really enjoy running a business – I intimately understand that to run a business you need to live, love and breathe your business. Unless you’ve physically done every aspect of your business and worked in every roll of each staff member, you don’t know what you really need and what works to serve your clients. Having built the firm from the ground up, Sumeet and I both understand the entrepreneurial journey. This in-depth experience, of what it takes to build and scale a business from the ground up, allows us to better support our clients.

While being an entrepreneur is in my aspiration, I am most passionate about accounting. I like the nitty-gritty details, the technical aspects and I’ve been known to ‘geek-out’ on the CPA Handbook for accounting standards. I take care of the assurance side of the business.

A lot of people dread dealing with their accounting – much like going the dentist, they’d rather avoid it. I enjoy working directly with clients and helping them reframe how they look at their numbers. I aim to explain the unknowns and empower you to understand your numbers on a deeper level and leverage this business intelligence to build a stronger company.

Our team describes me as dynamic and approachable. Not the typical traits used to describe an accountant, but they’re definitely part of the driving force behind the culture at Sangha Tone and why I wanted to change what people experience when working with an accounting firm.

Fun Facts

Spending time with family and friends energizes me. ‘Down time’ is not something I have a lot of – by choice. A lot of my free time is dedicated to my three young children when I’m not at work. Truth – I’m the biggest kid. I’m usually the first one to jump in the puddles or run for the playground.

People are often surprised to find out that I lived in Germany for 7 years during my teens and I’m fluent in German.

I have a ton of family and friends in Germany, who are always getting together doing something fun – cycling to a local beer garden along the Rhein River, a festival, coffee and cake with my grandparents.

When To Call Me

I encourage you to call me directly when you’re planning or facing ‘big picture’ challenges or decisions in life or business. That could mean discussing your business valuation to determine how to get your business ready for a merger or acquisition, contemplating company restructuring to bring in the next generation or a business partner or additional businesses, acting on anything that involves a legal agreement to do with your numbers. Think of me as a trusted advisor that you can always reach out to for sound advice and support.