Brent Zazubek, CPA, CA

When people, especially business owners, hear the word “tax”, they panic. From my view as a tax specialist, there is nothing scary about it. It’s not as complicated or detrimental as people believe it to be. There are many ways to plan for, deal with and minimize tax risks. I enjoying helping our clients understand this to ease their minds and approach tax proactively.

From 9 to 5

In my role as Senior Tax Manager, my goal is always to help our clients understand their tax situation. I’m not a “just trust me” kind of guy; I genuinely want them to understand what I am saying, what the situation is and the options available. When clients better understand, they have an appreciation for what I’m able to do for them, the choices they have and the decisions they have to make. From there, we can decide the right path for them – a path that I can them lead them down and offer the best advice in order for them to make the best decisions for their business.

What I love about my career is that I’ve never had the same day twice – everything I do depends on the client I am working for. No two situations are alike, the facts, scenarios and personalities are always different. I enjoy what I do because every day brings new challenges and problems to solve.

Accounting isn’t always about numbers and decimal points – it is often loaded with emotions, especially when taxes are involved or the unexpected happens. I seem to have a knack for helping people by working one-on-one through these situations to find a resolution. I’m also known for my tenacity and providing a quick responses.

Fun Facts

I am a member of the Semiahmoo Masters Swim Club.

When To Call Me

If you’ve got general tax questions, I’m your guy. I also realize that people aren’t always aware of exactly what the problem or issue is, they just know something is off. I’m comfortable working through situations and scenarios and can usually determine where the problem might be and where you need the most support.