Bonny Skoda, CPA, CA

My role requires me to stay up with the standards and tax rules. Being at my technical best is a challenge I accept every day! Clients appreciate my knowledge and ability to give advice when they call for my opinion. As a senior manager at Sangha Tone I enjoy collaborating with others within the office. Sharing my time and expertise with career driven students and colleagues is very rewarding as you see them progress through their careers.

From 9 to 5

My career started at a large multinational accounting firm where I spent 13 years gaining strong technical experience within a variety of industries. From there I ventured into a controller position with a group of private companies for 2 years. It was a unique and interesting experience being “on the other side”. I enjoyed setting up the company’s internal controls and financial reporting which facilitated in the eventual sale of the business. It was an exciting challenge to be part of the due diligence process liaising with the bank, other accountants and lawyers.

The industries I enjoy working with the most are farming and NPOs. They have unique reporting requirements from an accounting perspective and access to specific government subsidies. I take pride in educating clients on this and making them aware of funding they can access, which they may previously have been unaware of.

I also enjoy working with large corporate groups. I understand the legal, business and tax reasons behind these large corporate structures as well as the multitude of inter-corporate transactions that flow through the accounts. I enjoy pulling all the operations together into one combined financial statement.

Fun Facts

I might not look like your stereotypical dirt biker, but that is where you will find me during the spring and fall. My husband and I travel across BC to take part in competitions and love being outdoors. I volunteer with the PNWMA to help with the score keeping for the BC Off Road Championship Series.

My husband and I have recently started a small apiary (bee farm) on our property. My husband is the brave one that will tend to the bees without all the protective gear. I opt for the full suit and gloves!

Call Me When…

If you are looking to improve your company’s internal controls and enhance your monthly reporting to aide in management’s operational decisions, I can provide some guidance and support to you and your internal accounting team. If you are a review or audit client I welcome communication at all stages of the engagement. I’m happy to discuss what to expect from our team and keep you in the loop on progress and timing. I am a firm believer in managing expectations. There is nothing worse than miscommunication and a misalignment of expectations. If there is a large pending transaction that is out of the normal course of business, I can advise on consequences, options, consideration over timing and give a second perspective.